The Story of Baba







Special Jury Award at 10th China International Children's Film Festival, Qingdao


´THE STORY OF BABA – based upon the storybook ‘A Little Elephant Finds His Courage‘ –  is a film in which the animated story of a little elephant who looses his father in a jungle war is told to children from Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Columbia and New York.

After seeing the film, comments by viewers include:

“It is a poignant portrayal of the consequences of war and disease to innocent children.” (Holland university student)

“It is the reality of what our war did to our children. Now we have to fix it.” (Liberia parent)

“I feel angry. Our President and every lawmaker and military person should see it so they realise the consequences of the violence that they don’t control.” (Uganda youth)

“Each country is so much the same. The innocent suffer the most.” (Somalia parent)

“I couldn’t sleep the night after I saw it. That wasn’t bad, it was good for me. Now I know the truth about war and death.” (USA child)

Apart from being an entertaining, sometimes humorous and often touching film for children from the age of 6 and up…

In countries struggling with the direct consequences of war or deadly disease, the film talks about the day to day reality while telling adults the story of their children.

For audiences not directly affected by war and widespread disease, the film moves them to feel the consequences thereof to real children.

Though a film cannot create world peace or health for all, THE STORY OF BABA can be a powerful catalyst to move children and adults to understand the problems, gain insight in the need for care for all and even become activists for peace.

The Story of Baba is also contained in the feature length award-winning documentary ECHOES OF WAR.

If you are interested in a DVD of the film and /or the accompanying book "Little Baba Finds His Courage" & teacher’s manual contact

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Joop van Wijk
Liesbeth Worm


Joop van Wijk


Jan Snoerwang

Production manager

Melle van Essen

add. photography

Barend Schweigman

sound asst.

Daniel Guillamse


Jan Dop CSC
Obbe Verwer

sound editing

Michel Schöpping


Marc Lizier